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Is Best Green Hedges covered by insurance?
Best Green Hedges is fully covered with business liability insurance for all the work performed, and all employees are fully WSIB covered. Additionally, Best Green Hedges has a claim free history. A copy of Best Green Hedges insurance binder can be viewed by clicking the following link:

Insurance & WSIB Information

Who should we have to trim our hedge?
It is highly recommended to hire a professional company who specializes specifically in hedge trimming to take care of your regular trimming maintenance. Just by looking at your hedge, an expert can recommend exactly what is required in your specific situation in order to make your hedge a beautiful addition to your property, as well as planning for future by promoting proper healthy growth, preventing the plant from encroaching on your yard and planning for snow load over the winter months. Trimming too much off the foliage off a hedge can damage it making it an “eye sore” and can take years to recover or even kill the hedge. Trimming too little foliage off the hedge can lead to encroachment on the property leading to loss of valuable yard square footage, and can open up the potential for snow damage over the winter.
What services does Best Green Hedges provide?
Best Green Hedges provides professional hedge, ornamental bush, and small tree trimming, hedge planting, and hedge removal services to the greater Ottawa area. The cleanup and removal of all clippings is included in every job.
When should we have our hedges trimmed?
Their is no “best time of the year” to have your hedge trimmed. What is important is to have your hedge trimmed at the same time every year. This ensures that the hedge has had a full year growth cycle between each trim, and will lead to the best results. Additionally if the temperature is below freezing or if their is frost on the grass or hedge, it is important to wait at least 2 hours after the temperature raises above freezing, and to ensure that it will remain above freezing for at least 2 hours after the trim is completed to prevent frost damage to the freshly cut leaves.
Where is Best Green hedges located, and where do you provide services?
Best Green Hedges is a locally owned Ottawa company, with it’s main office located just south of Barrhaven in between Barrhaven, Manotick, Richmond, and North Gower. Best Green Hedges provides services to the entire Ottawa-Carleton region, including but not limited to Barrhaven, Richmond, Carp, Nepean, Kanata, Stittsville, Manotick, Osgoode, Vanier, Orleans, Rockland, Gloucester, Osgoode, North Gower, and Carleton Place.
How long have you been in business, and how much experience do you have?
Best Green Hedges has been in business since 2011, and owner Sheldon Best Green has been trimming hedges professionally since 2006 and is among the best in the industry. All workers are highly trained and have also been trimming hedges professionally for many years. Best Green Hedges has recently experienced a rapidly growing market share, largely due to high customer satisfaction, large referral rate, competitive prices, and most importantly professional results. One look at Best Green Hedges portfolio section of the website, and their is no question what kind of service one can expect in hiring Best Green Hedges.